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My Toilet Leaks Water at the Base. Why?

b&d plumbing toilet leaks water at the base

Have you discovered that your toilet leaks water at the base? If so, that’s a bad sign.

Have you discovered that your toilet leaks water at the base? If so, that’s a bad sign. Instead of allowing your bathroom to convert into an indoor swimming pool, whip out your trusty tool belt and repair that leak! Fortunately, the master plumbers at B&D Plumbing work excellently handling uncooperative toilets.

Toilet Tee Bolts Might Be Loose

Your toilet has plastic caps around the base of it, and those caps cover the tee bolts that help secure your toilet firmly in place. The toilet’s seal can break when these bolts are broken or loose. As a result, your toilet leaks water at the base. You can solve this by repositioning your toilet so it’s centered and tightening the bolts. If the bolts constantly spin freely or are broken, head to the store for a replacement set.

Damaged Toilet Wax Ring

After inspecting the condition of your tee bolts and having attempted to tighten them, your toilet is still leaking at the base. So, the wax ring will most likely be the culprit and need a replacement. Perform the following steps to install a new toilet wax ring:

  • Take a picture of your toilet’s base to the store and search for a comparable replacement.
  • Prepare the toilet by turning off the water valve and flushing off as much sitting water as possible. Also, eliminate leftover water from the toilet’s base by plunging it for a few seconds.
  • Remove the toilet from its usual placement by unscrewing the water supply line and removing the tee bolts from the floor. Now begin to eliminate the old wax ring to install the new wax ring.
  • Reposition your toilet back in its usual placement after installing the new wax ring. Also, make sure the toilet must be leveled and centered correctly. In addition, reconnect your water line, turn the valve back on, and flush it. Closely inspect your toilet to determine if any water leaks from the new seal.

Call a Plumbing Pro!

If your toilet leaks water at the base, it can lead to mold growth and high water bills. So, you must address any leak immediately. If you want your toilet repairs to be done perfectly, call us. When it comes to complete service plumbing, B&D Plumbing has years of experience and a stellar reputation built on quality and trust. Call us today at 301-595-1141 !

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