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What is Going Wrong with Your Toilet?

What is Going Wrong with Your Toilet?

The toilet is likely one of the most overused but underappreciated fixtures in your entire home.

The toilet is likely one of the most overused but underappreciated fixtures in your entire home. Think about it for a moment. How often do you use it in a day? And how many people are in your home? Everyone needs it at some point, but we usually don’t take a moment to appreciate this invaluable modern marvel. Until something goes wrong, that is. But how can you tell what’s wrong with your toilet? Sometimes it’s an obvious issue, like it is overflowing, but sometimes it is not so obvious. Read on to learn more about common toilet problems.

Constant Running

The part of the toilet that tells the tank to stop filling is called the flapper, and that mechanism breaking is the reason most toilets run. If it stops running when you giggle the handle, it is likely that the flapper is just a bit loose and not broken altogether. Either way, a professional could replace it very quickly, but it is also often a DIY-able task for the handy homeowner.


Clogs in your toilet are a mixed bag. Sometimes it is simply too much toilet paper and a plunger can set it right. Sometimes it is your toddler’s favorite lovey and, well, that often requires professional help. Simple clogs that are easily plunged away don’t require a plumber. If the clog isn’t budging after you’ve been plunging away for a while, you should call. If you’re getting repeated clogs, even simple ones, it is also worth it to call and make sure that it isn’t a symptom of a bigger issue.  

Leaking Toilet

If there is water or moisture leaking from around the base of your toilet, it is likely a sign of an issue with the seal. It could also be a sign that the toilet bowl is cracked. Either way, this is a problem best handled by a professional. The toilet is going to have to be lifted off of the floor bolts and either replaced or have the seal replaced, and this is not something that you should do on your own.

Stuff Coming Up Your Toilet

If stuff is coming back up through your toilet, you need to have a professional come and assess your plumbing. This is not the type of problem you can really wait on either, as a toilet or tub that back-flows sewage is usually a sure sign of a sewer blockage. The sooner you get a professional in, the better. 

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