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Emergency Plumbing Services

Are you faced with a Plumbing Emergency? Stop reading and Contact Us right now at 301-595-1141. Because we are a small family business, our turnaround time is fast and we can typically accommodate same-day appointments. In the meantime, we will discuss your situation with you and offer steps for immediate mitigation to lessen the impact.

Are you dealing with

  • Burst Pipes
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Leaking Water Heater
  • Gas Smell
  • Sewer Backup
  • Flooding

When the unexpected hits, you don’t have time to comparison shop for your Master Plumber. At B&D Plumbing, unmatched customer service is our goal. We offer

  • Non-Incremental Billing Structure – First half hour included
  • Free Estimates
  • A Quality Plumber at a Quality Price

Quick intervention in plumbing emergencies is key, to prevent loss of property and damage to your home or business. The weather in Maryland has been intense these past few years, with rapidly fluctuating temperatures and record amounts of rain. These factors put additional pressure on our homes and our utility systems. We recommend regular service and maintenance to keep things working properly, but in the meantime, let’s get you fixed! Letting water accumulate in your building can lead to wood rot, structural damage, and the dreaded mold. If you are responsible for a commercial enterprise, there is even less time to waste. We don’t have to tell you that one bad day can have lasting impacts on the restaurant industry, and if you are a property manager, you have tenants to consider. Don’t wait, we are at your service.

Well respected in the industry, Bob and Dave are both members of the Master Plumbers Association WSMPA. Additionally, we have long-standing and personable relationships with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission WSSC, and Better Business Bureau. We stay on top of rules and regulation changes, so we are always equipped with the latest information about the how and the why. When you hire a B&D Master Plumber, you are hiring a quality plumber at a quality price.

Help is on the Way! 301-595-1141.