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Jetting Services

High-pressure water jetting removes grease buildup, sludge, debris, and mineral deposits that accumulate in your lines. For residential or commercial plumbing, this cleaning method prevents clogs before they happen, to avoid a more costly repair down the road. If you are noticing a strange odor emanating from your drains, your pipes are past-due for cleaning and maintenance. For restaurants and other high-usage commercial plumbing systems, we recommend quarterly water jetting to keep your drain and sewer pipes clean.

Water Jetting is an environmentally sound cleaning method since it uses regular water rather than abrasive tools and/or chemicals. Particularly for pipes in older buildings like you might find in Baltimore City, this is an efficient and economical practice. Using pumps and flexible hoses, water is propelled into the line. It is then jetted in concentrated streams to the pipe walls.

Depending on the exact use of your plumbing system, the commercial and residential plumbers at B&D Plumbing can advise you about the best cleaning schedule for your pipes. When you make this excellent service a regular part of your home maintenance or business operations, you are protecting the health of your water and sewer lines.

Signs of an imminent clog or failing water pipe include

  • Material debris that comes from your fixtures
  • Changes in water pressure and flow
  • Higher water bills with no changes in usage

Signs of a clog in your main sewer line include

  • Multiple backed-up drains
  • Drainage in sewer cleanout
  • Sewage or debris in your floor drains
  • Water backs up in other drains when toilets flush

When it comes to a foundational aspect of your business, you want to hire professionals that you can trust. A family-owned and operated business since 1986, B&D Plumbing is known for personalized customer service and commitment to excellence in our industry. We are so committed to the quality of our work that we even conduct follow-up calls to ensure customer satisfaction. Indeed, 100% satisfaction is our goal, and we do not settle for anything less.

Well respected in the industry, Bob and Dave are both members of the Master Plumbers Association WSMPA. Additionally, we have long-standing and personable relationships with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission WSSC, and Better Business Bureau. We stay on top of rules and regulation changes, so we are always equipped with the latest information about the how and the why. When you hire a B&D Master Plumber, you are hiring a quality plumber at a quality price.

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