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Signs Your Home Needs a Water Line Replacement

b&d plumbing water line replacement

Watch out for these indicators that you may need a water line replacement.

Most homeowners know little about their home’s plumbing. Whether they DIY a toilet installation or call a plumber to inspect some damaged pipes, they have had experiences here and there. However, there is one area you might have overlooked: the pipes that connect your house to public water and the sewer system. As you can imagine, these pipes are crucial in your home, so you must ensure they are not damaged. Watch out for these indicators that you may need a water line replacement.

High Water Bills

There are multiple reasons your water bill may fluctuate. People tend to use more water in the summer to water the lawn or fill up a pool. But other plumbing problems, such as a damaged toilet, could cause higher water bills. If you have exhausted other possibilities and are still experiencing high utility bills, consider having B&D Plumbing determine if your home needs a water line replacement. Call our plumbing company today at 301-595-1141.

Strange Sounds

Unexpectedly, hearing strange noises from your pipes may indicate serious trouble. This can come in the form of a gurgling noise from your sink, eerie sounds from your toilet, or hearing disturbing sounds in your basement. All of this might signify trouble for your water line. B&D Plumbing can help you with a water line replacement!

Damaged Foundation

If you are experiencing sinkholes or cracks in your foundation, your home might require a water line replacement. This is imperative because it can cause significant damage to your home’s structure and eventually erode some of your landscape.

Cloudy Water

If you notice cloudy water coming out of your faucet, this could be due to a damaged water heater tank or damage to a particular plumbing fixture, such as a sink faucet. Also, it could be a sign of disintegrating or damaged pipes like your water line. No worries, B&D Plumbing can help you!

Low Water Pressure

Experiencing low water pressure in your home is never good, and it’s hard to pinpoint the cause. These clogs can occur due to clogs, tree root infiltration, etc., impacting your water line. Unfortunately, these problems might create enough pressure to crack and eventually break your water line, which calls for serious water line replacement services.

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