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Top Summer Plumbing Problems to Watch Out For

b&d plumbing summer plumbing problems

One of the most common summer plumbing problems is the water heater.

Summertime is a time for warm weather and constant sunshine, but it can also bring plumbing issues if you need more preparation. From clogs to broken pipes, the hot temperatures of summer can damage your home’s plumbing system. Proactively identifying signs of trouble early will help protect your pocketbook from costly repairs. Below are some summer plumbing problems to look after.

Leaky Faucets

Fixtures such as faucets and toilets may wear down during high humidity and heat due to metal components’ contraction and expansion. As a result, small leaks at the joints may worsen over time. These minor leaks can cause more extensive and expensive issues if not handled. So, it’s ideal to be proactive and catch these small leaks before they worsen. You can quickly know if you have a leaking faucet just by observing wetness around the base of the fixture. You might also hear water dripping on your walls. Inspecting your water meter for any reading changes is also another way to catch a minor leak.

Clogged Toilets

The excessive heat and moisture in the air during the summertime may trigger all types of toilet trouble. Watch out for corrosion, rusting, and mineral buildup on the drain lines. These can result in clogged toilets, which are particularly prevalent in older plumbing systems. In addition, summertime is typically when children are home from school, which can substantially increase water usage, most likely leading to summer plumbing problems such as cracks due to increased pressure.

Water Heater Issues

One of the most common summer plumbing problems is the water heater. The intense summer heat can trigger stress on the tank and plumbing system, developing cracks. Additionally, heavy hot water consumption during this time can strain the system and cause it to fail out of nowhere. To ensure your water heater does not overheat, monitor wear and tear on the insulation and replace it if necessary.

Outdoor Plumbing Problems

Your outdoor plumbing, such as hoses and water sprinklers, may also give you summer troubles. The summer heat and surge of water consumption can trigger underground pipes to break, resulting in flooding in your yard or basement. Additionally, make sure all hose connections are tight and secure so that no extra water will go to waste because of a faulty connection.

Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal Issues

The increased usage of dishwashers and garbage disposals during summer can cause plumbing problems if they are improperly maintained. The additional strain on the system may lead to clogs, backups, or worse. When a dishwasher is overloaded, debris and food can build up in the system. Garbage disposals may also be prone to common summer plumbing problems. For instance, only use cold water when running your garbage disposal because hot water can cause grease or other items to attach to the blades more easily. Consider B&D Plumbing as your go-to residential plumber and call us today at 301-595-114!

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