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Is Your Toilet Not Flushing Properly?

b&d plumbing toilet is not flushing properly

A reason your toilet is not flushing properly is that the handle may be loose and require tightening.

If you have a toilet that does not fully flush, common causes may include a worn-out flapper, a trap clog, a faulty float, or an issue with the handle and chain. Sometimes the problem is obvious, and sometimes it’s not obvious. Keep reading to learn why your toilet is not flushing properly.

Toilet Clog

Let’s begin with the most obvious explanation for a weak flush – a clog. Most toilet clogs transpire in the trap, the curved part in the toilet base that holds a little bit of water to prevent sewer gases from going up the drain. Because of its curvy shape, the trap is where toilet paper and other things can get stuck, creating a partial or complete clog. Fortunately, a trusty plunger often dislodges and pushes the blockage via the trap, returning the toilet’s flushing power to normal.

Handle and Chain Problems

Another reason your toilet is not flushing properly is that the handle may be loose and require tightening. In addition, the chain (which connects the handle to the flapper) can unclip or be set to an incorrect length. So, adjust the chain, and the chain will pull up the flapper to initiate a flush. Lastly, allow the flapper to go down and seal off the hold at the end of the flush.

Worn-Out Flapper

The flapper is a round rubber part that develops a watertight seal in your toilet tank. Over time, the flapper can wear out or move out of position, so it no longer creates a tight seal. When this happens, water may slowly leak from the tank into the bowl, creating a lower flushing power. Luckily, the flapper is simple and cheap to replace on most toilets.

Faulty Float

Your toilet is not flushing properly because you may have a faulty float. The float (often looks like a plastic ball) goes up with the water level and notifies the refill valve to shut off. If the float is too low or damaged, the tank won’t refill sufficiently to generate a full flush.

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