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Leaky Faucet? Reasons for a Faucet Repair

b&d plumbing faucet repair

There are several reasons you may need a faucet repair, but you can fix it based on the issue.

Unfortunately, a leaky faucet is an annoying and common home problem that can disrupt sleep and increase water bills. Even a minor leak may send three gallons of water down the drain daily. Left untreated, you are stuck with a whole swimming pool of lingering water. There are several reasons you may need a faucet repair, but you can fix it based on the issue.

Washer Issues

One of the reasons for a faucet repair is issues with the washer located against the valve seat. With time, the friction between these two pieces can wear out the washer. In addition, leaks may occur if there is an improper washer installation or if it needs to be wrong right.

Loose and Broken Pieces

The ring and packing nuts in the stream screw become loose over time, causing a leak in the faucet’s handle. So, tightening and replacing the packing nut will generally do the trick. If you need a faucet repair, please don’t hesitate to call B&D Plumbing at (301) 595- 1141.

Corroded Valve Seat

If you need a faucet repair, there may be a problem with the valve seat (attaches the faucet with your spout). Unfortunately, excess water sediments can corrode the valve seat, causing a leak. However, you can avoid this problem by constantly cleaning the valve seat, usually with the assistance of a plumbing professional. Overall, this is one critical appliance of your faucet to inspect a proper faucet repair. Similar to the valve seats, inlet and outlet seals can get corrosion by built-up water sediments with time.

Water Pressure

If your faucet only tends to leak or drip down during specific times of the day or when you move the handles a certain way, the problem could indicate the water pressure. If you discover that the valve is not functioning correctly or you believe there could be a leak, please contact B&D Plumbing immediately. Our expert plumbing team will get to the bottom of the issue and assist with any repairs.

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