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The Ultimate Guide to Water Heater Maintenance

B&D plumbing water heater maintenance

Follow these tips for great water heater maintenance.

You can never forget about the importance of a properly working water heater — particularly during the brutal winter months. In fact, whether you are still shoveling snow or dealing with frigid temperatures and heavy wind chills, there are so many households that are really relying on their water heaters more now than any other time of the year. The reality is, having a problem with your water heater can really disrupt your daily activities like taking a hot shower. Ultimately, making sure that your water heater is always working properly becomes essential. Here are the key tips and tricks to ensure proper water heater maintenance throughout the entire year.

Make Space Around The Appliance Itself

If your water heater is located in an area where there is a ton of clutter, you might be disrupting the efficiency of the water heater itself. In fact, clutter will build up — even when you don’t notice it is happening. The reality is, maintaining at least two feet around the water heater clear of any clutter can really provide the right foundation for the water heater to continue to work properly throughout the year. Ultimately, a properly working water heater can really make a difference during the winter months when the reliance on your water heater increases significantly.

Shutting Off Your Water Heater

Whenever you have to perform any specific water heater maintenance, there are some key things to consider. In fact, safety is of the utmost importance when performing any routine maintenance on your water heater itself. It is imperative that you shut off the power supply to the water heater if you have any plans of performing any maintenance on it. Ultimately, the switch is usually located right near the water heater — and simply shut off the valve itself which will then shut off the water supply completely.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than a broken water heater in the middle of winter. In fact, making sure to properly maintain your water heater will allow it to work properly throughout the year — even during the winter months. 

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