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The Many Benefits of a Professional Toilet Replacement  

The Many Benefits of a Professional Toilet Replacement  

Toilets aren’t built to last forever, and they will inevitably require a replacement.

Toilets are the workhorses of your bathroom. In fact, they account for around 27% of your home’s total water usage. These crucial components of your bathroom’s layout are often overlooked and forgotten about until a problem arises, like a clog or a leak. Toilets aren’t built to last forever, and they will inevitably require a replacement when either a single significant issue or several smaller problems result in the need for repairs that will not be worth the money. Knowing the right moment to replace your toilets and how your home can benefit from a toilet replacement can allow you to determine when it’s time to begin looking for a new one. Here are some benefits of a toilet replacement.

A Better Working Toilet

With toilets accounting for a large percentage of your home’s water, one of the most obvious benefits of a toilet replacement is less water usage on average per day. If your toilets were installed before 1994, it might be time for some new ones. The reason for this is because federal plumbing manufacturing regulations passed in 1994 that required all new toilets to begin using 1.6 gallons or less per flush. When you install a new toilet today, you can reduce your home’s water usage by a staggering 23 to 46%.

A Problem-Free Toilet

Whether you’re experiencing new issues with your toilet or its always had problems, a toilet replacement can put an end to this. Frequent clogs and leaks will add up for repair costs, while issues like a damaged floor seal or a cracked tank can make a toilet virtually useless. Rather than continuing to spend hard-earned money and time on a messed up toilet, replacing it outright is a permanent solution and a one-time solution that will ensure your toilet is matched to your needs.

A Hip New Toilet

Toilets are some of the most visible but overlooked features in your home in terms of style. Today, toilets are available with multiple designs, from standard rounded features to sleek and sharp toilets that save space in smaller bathrooms. If you’re considering a toilet replacement for other reasons, choose a toilet that will fit the style and available space in your bathroom. This will give your room a significant visual boost that will improve aesthetics and potentially increase the value of your home if you decide to sell it one day. If you need help with a toilet replacement, call B&D Plumbing to give you a hand!

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