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How Can You Conserve Water in Your Home?

Conserve Water

Trying to be better about attempts to conserve water? Your plumbing may play a part in this.

With all the rain we’ve had this spring it is hard to believe we might have water shortages, but we often do during the summer. Even when we don’t, it’s a good idea to conserve water. While it is a “green” choice, it is also a good financial decision. Read on for some tips on how you can conserve water in your home.

Shorten Showers

One of the quickest ways to use less water is to take quicker showers. The average, non-low-flow shower head may use up to 5 gallons of water every minute. That’s up to 150 gallons if you’re taking a half hour shower. If you know how much you spend on water per gallon, you know how quickly those minutes add up to lots of dollars. Commit to taking shorter showers and consider replacing your shower head with a low-flow option.

Turn Off The Tap

When you’re not actively using water, turn off the tap. This could be while you’re brushing your teeth, while you’ re scrubbing your hands, or even while you’re washing the dishes. If you turn it off, and only turn it back on when you actually need the water, you can save a lot.

Repair Leaks

Hidden leaks or leaks that you just let go waste a ton of water. If you don’t think so, put the stopper in your tub and let the leak fill it up for a day. You’ll be shocked at how full it gets. Repair those leaks as soon as you know about them and save yourself a lot of money.

Wait For Full Loads

Don’t run the dishwasher or the washing machine without a full load. These two appliances use a lot of water, and usually they use it whether the machine is full or not. Waiting to run them will help you run them less often as well.

Recycle and Reuse Water

There are lots of ways to reuse and “recycle water. You could go all-in and get a grey water toilet, a toilet that flushes with reused or recaptured water. If you’re looking for a smaller change, consider capturing water, like the pasta water or the rinse water from washing veggies, and using it to water your plants.

Install A Rain Barrel

Consider a rain barrel for watering your garden instead of a hose hooked up to the tap. You will save a lot of money on water and still have a beautiful garden. Rain barrels are easy to use and maintain and don’t usually cost a lot.

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