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Have You Discovered a Water Heater Leak in Your Home?

b&d plumbing water heater leak

You can also do multiple things before you call a professional plumber to fix your water heater leak.

Whether gas or electric, water heaters will last about 12 years if you take good care of them; even so, there’s a chance your water heater can leak. If that’s the case, the good news is that most minor water leaks can be repaired easily. You can also do multiple things before you call a professional plumber to fix your water heater leak.

Leading Causes of Water Heater Leaks

Sometimes the following leaks can result in several problems:

  • Corrosion can be caused by sediment buildup in the bottom of the tank. When this happens, it’s typically a time for water heater replacement.
  • Broken drain valves will trigger water leaks from the bottom of the tank. You or a professional plumber can replace them.
  • Broken temperature or pressure valves can also cause a water heater leak. As their name suggests, these valves supervise and regulate the temperature and pressure inside water heaters.
  • Loose water line connections can also be another reason why you have a water heater leak. This problem can be repaired by tightening or replacing the open, worn water lines.

The best way to determine the source of your water heater leak is by contacting B&D Plumbing at 301-595-1141.

What To Do If Your Water Heater is Leaking

  • Cut the power off of your gas water heater or electric water heater.
  • Shut off the water by finding the cold-water line to your water heater. Turn the valve to the right until it closes. This will cut off the water and let you move on to the next step.
  • Draining your water heater is the most important step if you have a tank water heater. To drain your water heater tank, place a hose to the drain valve close to the bottom of your heater. Secondly, run the hose to a sump pit or a floor drain. Open the valve with the hose in place (you may notice the water either doesn’t flow very well or doesn’t flow because there’s a vacuum within the water heater).
  • Open any hot water faucet in your home to break the vacuum. Once you achieve a good flow, the whole tank should drain within an hour.

Schedule Water Heater Repair Service with B&D Plumbing

Are you experiencing a plumbing emergency? Call us today at 301-595-1141. The plumbing experts at B&D Plumbing can diagnose and repair any water heater leak or problem. Whether you have a tank or tankless heater, our team is ready to offer the highest-quality service so you can have reliable access to hot water!

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