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More Ways to Repair Your Water Heater

b&d plumbing repair your water heater

Check out more ways to repair your water heater.

In general, you may complete several steps to troubleshoot a failing water heater before calling your local plumber. If you cannot resolve the problem on your own or are uncertain about what to do, it’s always best to call B&D Plumbing. Otherwise, you can repair your water heater by following the suggested tips.

Inspect the Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve

The pressure relief valve is a safety feature built to release excess pressure and temperature from your water heater. If the valve fails to function correctly, it can trigger your water heater to malfunction or explode. To inspect the valve, you can find it on the water heater and ensure it’s not obstructed or blocked. You can also examine the valve by gradually lifting the lever to determine if it functions properly.

Check Your Water Heater for Leaks

To repair your water heater, it’s critical to analyze for leaks around it because leaks can trigger the water heater to malfunction or even fail. To inspect for leaks, search for any damp spots around the water heater’s base or on any pipes or connections. In addition, check the top of the heater where water enters and exits the tank. This is where it is most likely your water heater will fail because the tubes entering the tank are susceptible to leaks due to high pressure. If you notice a water leak, it’s essential to address it immediately to prevent more damage.

Determine Your Water Heater’s Age

If your heater is over 10 years old, consider replacing it. As water heaters become more senior, they will work less efficiently and will be prone to giving you problems. Remember, some tasks do require a professional plumber. As homeowners, we always want to save a few bucks if we can finish something ourselves. However, this may not be in your best interest. For instance, low hot water pressure and crazy noises from your heater indicate that you might need a replacement. So, it’s ideal to call B&D Plumbing to help repair your water heater.

So, don’t enable a faulty water heater to disrupt your daily routine, and give us a call today to help you retrieve your hot water.

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