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Leaky Dishwasher? Let’s Explore the Reasons

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There are a handful of reasons why you have a leaky dishwasher.

Dishwashers are convenient for washing cups, utensils, and other tableware. If you’re constantly busy or have more plates than you must wash, having one saves you time and effort. However, a broken dishwasher can be annoying, especially if it’s causing a leak. There are a handful of reasons why you have a leaky dishwasher. Read on to learn more.

A Defective Gasket is Very Common

A defective gasket is one of the most prevalent reasons for a leaky dishwasher. The gasket runs along the machine door’s perimeter to produce a watertight seal when the door is closed. However, the gasket won’t seal correctly if it’s damaged, loose, or dirty. As a result, water will escape from the dishwasher door during rinse cycles. So, make sure you check for holes, cracks, or dirt. If your leaky dishwasher is loose or damaged, then replace it. Or you can clean it with a cloth if it’s only dirt buildup.

Your Water Pump System is Damaged

If you have a leaky dishwasher, you might have a problem with the water pump system. The water pump system is responsible for delivering water to the wash cycle and emptying it of the drain. In addition, the moisture at the bottom of the dishwasher can build up if your water pump system is damaged. Plus, your machine will leak water out of the bottom of the hoses, and the clamps of this system are broken or worn out.

Faulty Water Inlet Valve

It’s vital to examine the valve that allows water into the dishwasher’s chamber for any problems. The water valve is found on the water inlet hose in the back of your dishwasher. If the valve leaks, one of our technicians can replace it since it’s not repairable. If not addressed, the leak can get extensive. A common sign of a faulty valve is if you hear running noises when the machine is in use.

You Have a Clogged Filter

A leaky dishwasher can also indicate that you have a clogged filter. Filters are designed to catch food particles before they end up in the drain. However, water can overfill and leak from the bottom of your appliance if your filter is too stuffed. It’s critical to clean your filter regularly since it can last up to 5 years with frequent maintenance.

Impaired Float Switch

A dishwasher comes with a float and float switch to keep proper water levels during the wash and rinse cycles. For instance, the float moves with the rising water when your machine runs. When the water reaches a specific level, it prompts the float switch to shut it off. However, the water level will rise too high if the switch is damaged.

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