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How to Tell if You Have a Toilet Leak or Not

How to Tell if You Have a Toilet Leak or Not

Are you concerned about your toilet leaking?

Are you concerned about your toilet leaking? There are many places where a toilet might leak. Water pooling around the base of your toilet might indicate that the wax ring is leaking, or there might be a crack inside the toilet tank. A toilet that runs a lot usually means that there is a leak between its tank and bowl. Is it time to check for a toilet leak? We will show you exactly how to do so in these easy steps. Read on to learn more!

Remove the Toilet Tank’s Lid

The first step for checking for a toilet leak is to remove the tank lid from your toilet. The cover is located on the very top of your toilet and should come off quite easily. Place on hand on each side of your lid and carefully lift it off. Then put it on the floor nearby.

Check Out the Water Level Inside the Tank

When you have removed the toilet tank lid, you can check the water level inside the toilet tank. Inside your toilet tank, you should see a line that will indicate the optimal water level. The water level is typically marked “water line” on your toilet’s side or back interior wall. If your water is above or below the line, you will have to make the required adjustments to make sure the water level in the toilet tank is correct by adjusting the fill valve. A professional plumber from B&D Plumbing can give you a hand with this.

Conduct a Food Coloring Test

To conduct the food coloring test, you will need some food coloring bottles. It does not matter which color dye you decide to use. Place about 15 to 20 drops into the water of your toilet tank, enough to visibility change the water’s color. Then wait for about half an hour.

Check the Water Inside the Bowl for New Color

After half an hour, check the color of your water inside your toilet bowl. If some of the dye has made its way into your toilet bowl, then there is a leak by your flapper or a crack inside the overflow tube, and a fix is needed.

How to Fix a Toilet Leak

There’s a couple of methods to fix a toilet leak without plumber assistance. One way is by checking the toilet flapper to make sure it is creating a proper seal to stop leaks. Also, consider tightening the tee bolts and replacing the wax ring.

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