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How Professional Plumbers Can Help You with Drain Cleaning

How Professional Plumbers Can Help You with Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is both a reactive and proactive measure that professional plumbers can help with.

Clogged drains, sluggish drains, and dirty drains are the worst. They are the most common plumbing issues that people encounter in their homes. Although you might be able to take steps to reduce the chances of clogs and sluggish drains (using drain covers, never pouring oils, grease, and fats down the drains, etc.), there isn’t a sure way to prevent them all. You will eventually need assistance from drain cleaning professional plumbers. Drain cleaning is both a reactive and proactive measure. Scheduling drain cleaning means that you can help stop future clogging by eliminating all the gunk and build-up inside the drains. We highly recommend you call us for this. Read on to learn how professional plumbers can help you with your drain cleaning job!

Professional Plumbers Will Not Use Toxic, Harsh, and Ineffective Chemicals

Do you know one tool that professional plumbers never ever use when it comes to drain cleaning? Liquid drain cleaners. These “quick solution” options you find on store shelves are one of the worst things you can use to clear out any drain clogs. At best, one of these mixtures of lye and other caustic chemicals can eat through parts of a clog to let the water to flow again, creating just a temporary fix for your troubles.

At worst, the acidic action of these chemicals damages your pipes, leading to even more leaks. On top of this, these chemical concoctions are very toxic, leaving dangerous fumes and later leaking into the ground from the landfill. Professional plumbers have the right tools for the job, all without causing any damages.

Professional Plumbers Have Access to Special Equipment

What are the tools professionals use if they leave those chemical cleaners aside? There are a couple of them, but the most powerful one most plumbers use is a hydro-jetter. Hydro-jetting uses blasts of high-pressure water along the inside of a drainpipe to scour away all built-up gunk. The plumbers place a long hose with a special nozzle at the end down the drains or clean-out. Then, plumbers send water placed under pressure with a motor out into the pipes. Most plumbers also use motorized drain augers and rotating tools that drill down into clogs to remove them.

If you need any help with drain cleaning, call the professional plumbers from B&D Plumbing today!

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