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Never Forget These 3 Drain Cleaning Tips

Never Forget These 3 Drain Cleaning Tips

Professional drain cleaning is an essential plumbing job for your home or business.

Professional drain cleaning is an essential plumbing job. It is also misunderstood, which leads to many homeowners neglecting to have it finished at the right time or even trying to do it in a way that ends up creating even more issues. At B&D Plumbing, we have an in-depth understanding of the best ways to handle this kind of service and the best times to have it completed. To improve your home life with better plumbing, we would like to go over a few facts about drain cleaning and clear up any misunderstandings about this kind of service.

Drain Cleaning is a Routine Maintenance Task

If you think of drain cleaning you have to do when you have a severe clog in a sink, toilet, shower, or other drain in your home, then you would be correct. You want the plumbing professionals to take care of this issue if a basic sink or toilet plunger can’t get the job done. However, drain cleaning isn’t only for emergencies. We recommend you schedule drain cleaning consistently. This will help drain performance and eliminate the build-up that causes clogs. Our professionals will take an even closer look at the drains to see if you need any potential repairs.

Store-Bought Cleaners Will Not Work Properly

Commercially available drain cleaners are always marketed on television and online, so we get why homeowners think they are the answer to their drain cleaning problems. But no professional plumbers will use these chemicals or recommends that anybody use them. They might temporarily unclog your drains, but they will not remove the build-up. They don’t clean all that much, and the clogs will return. These chemical cleaners will also damage the drainpipe material. The acidic action eats through plastic and creates corrosion within the metal. Avoid these and call B&D Plumbing for a proper drain cleaning job!

Drain Snakes Work, but the Pros Have the Best Ones

Aside from your plunger, another tool is helpful for everyday clogs: the drain snake, otherwise known as the drain auger. A simple hand-cranked drain snake placed into your drain can usually clear out any obstructions. But professional plumbers have motorized drain snakes that are capable of getting through most of the stubborn clogs. These drain snakes are expensive tools used by professionals, and you only want them to use these on your home’s drains.

If you need any assistance with drain cleaning in your home, give us a call!

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