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How to Tell if You Need a Backflow Preventer

How to Tell if You Need a Backflow Preventer

A backflow preventer is a tool that is used universally by most professional plumbers.

We know some of this might sound like pure nonsense, but trust us when we say that it may be precisely what your home needs. If you are constantly dealing with nasty, contaminated drinking water in your house due to gravity, pressure changes, or other unfortunate circumstances, read on.

What is a Backflow Preventer?

A backflow preventer is a tool that is used universally by most professional plumbers because of its narrow yet helpful purpose. Its job is very simple. It stops all of your dirty wastewater from flowing backward into your home’s drinking water. Except even when some people think they don’t need a backflow preventer, a brake in their main water line or the use of a fire hydrant can suddenly decrease the overall pressure in your pipes. This allows all water to flow right back into the city water lines.

Stopping Backflow Before it Starts

Installing a backflow preventer, or asking a professional plumber about one, will ensure that your pipes only flow in one direction. No matter how pressure changes in your nearby water lines, your pipes won’t be able to filter your wastewater back to contaminate the fresh supply. A backflow preventer works as a gate that lets water to cycle in from your public water supply but shuts down once the water tries to flow back. This could be a huge lifesaver, stopping the damage done to a freshwater source through contamination.

Not only this, but many areas in the country require a backflow preventer to be installed so that there isn’t even a slight chance that the municipal water supply might be contaminated.

Am I in Need of a Backflow Preventer?

This question really depends on a few different factors. We came up with four key reasons as to why you should get a backflow preventer installed. They are:

  • To avoid future issues: contamination could be a big problem, and it is a smart idea to prepare for the worst-case situation. 
  • You are always dealing with contamination: as mentioned earlier, contamination issues can be horrible. A backflow preventer can be a helpful and affordable solution to this issue.
  • Your municipality needs one: if this is your first time ever hearing about a preventer, you might want to check and make sure that your home’s water line is fitted with one.
  • Your plumber is recommending one: it is a good idea to listen to your plumber if they recommend something like this. Our plumbers are all experienced and trained to notice when your home could use something as helpful as a backflow preventer.

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