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How to Keep Your Home’s Septic System Healthy

How to Keep Your Home’s Septic System Healthy

You might not know that your septic system requires a bit of care to stay in working order.

If you live in a rural area, there is a good chance you depend on a septic system to deal with your home’s wastewater. And if you are a new septic tank owner, you might not know that your septic system requires a bit of care to stay in working order. The good news is that your septic system maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated, messy, or expensive. Keeping up with simple care and maintenance of your home’s septic system will ensure it works properly for years to come. Here’s some helpful tips on keeping your septic system in good health and working correctly!

Have Your Septic System looked At

Consistent maintenance and inspections will help improve the wellbeing of your septic system. Checks can also help find minor issues, like water leaks, which could cause the septic tank to fill up more quickly. Getting small issues repaired will help keep them from becoming more significant issues in the future.

Use Water Efficiently

A recurrent and common factor in a failed septic system too much water usage. Check your faucets and toilets for leaks and make repairs when necessary. This will help cut back on the amount of water that flows into the septic tank. Another thing to keep in mind is not to drain your hot tub water into the septic tank or drain field as massive amounts of water can “drown” your drain field.

Be Careful with Your Landscaping

Grass is the best type of coverage for your drain field, as it will help reduce any erosion. Plants with a shallow root system could also be used near the drain field, but anything with a more extended root system, like trees, can lead to root intrusion and structural damage to your septic system. Too much water is a big issue.

Keep your Drain Field Clear

It would be ideal if you didn’t ever park or drive over your drain field. Keep patios, storage sheds, carports, and any other kind of landscaping plastic away from this spot as well. This will keep the dirt in this area from being pack down, which could result in broken pipes.

Keep Your Septic Tank Lid Accessible

A riser is an excellent addition to your septic tank lid. It allows for inspections to be much less expensive and expensive. Also, once the time comes to have your septic tank emptied out, a riser allows for less mess and disruption around your yard.

For any more questions regarding your septic system and how to take care of it, give the folks at B&D Plumbing a call today!

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