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4 Ways to Prepare Your Home’s Plumbing for Spring

4 Ways to Prepare Your Home's Plumbing for Spring

There are many ways to prepare your plumbing for the spring, though none of them involve turning your toilet into a flower planter.

Can you believe that spring is already here? Despite everything that is going on in the world right now, it’s still essential for us to enjoy the change in seasons. We understand how the seasonal change could have crept up on you feeling a bit underprepared, but just like you need to prepare your home’s plumbing for winter, it is essential to do the same for spring. Believe it or not, there are many ways to prepare your plumbing for the spring, though none of them involve turning your toilet into a flower planter. Here are four effective ways to prepare your home’s plumbing for the spring.

Get a Jump on Your Lawn Work

You might think that your lawn or yard has absolutely nothing to do with your home’s plumbing, but you would be incorrect. Make sure that your spouts are facing away from your home’s foundation and drain towards the street. Make sure that your storm drains are cleared up so that they can handle the massive amounts of draining water. If possible, make sure to clear your yard of any debris that could get washed down and possibly clog a drain and result in a flood.

Check Out Your Faucets

What you’re checking here is low water pressure. Run all of your outdoor and indoor faucets on both cold and hot settings. The pressure might take a second to adjust if the faucet hasn’t been touched in a while. This is because air might have gotten into the lines. After running water for a handful of minutes, the air should work it’s way out, and pressure should return back to normal. Low water pressure is a definite sign of a possible leak, so if you notice any of your faucets aren’t running as well as they could, its time to call in the pros.

Check Any Exposed Pipes

If you never got a chance to winterize your home’s plumbing pipes, this is very important. Inspect any pipes for cracks and call a plumber immediately if you find any. If you don’t see any cracks, also check for discoloration, moss, or mold growth. These are all signs that there’s a crack you might not be able to see.

Flush Out Your Water Heater

Because the seasons are changing, it’s wise to check up on your water heater. Make sure to flush out your water heater to remove any buildup that is keeping it from running at maximum efficiency.

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