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3 Very Common Types of Water Heater Repair

3 Very Common Types of Water Heater Repair

People usually take their home’s hot water supply for granted, that is until something goes terribly wrong with it.

People usually take their home’s hot water supply for granted, that is until something goes terribly wrong with it. As durable and reliable as manufacturers make their water heaters today, the appliances can still suffer from your usual wear and tear and malfunctions that will inevitability lead to repair needs. You can help prevent these repairs with some regular maintenance, but you might still have to call for professionals to help you with the work that will restore your home’s water heater. B&D Plumbing specializes in water heater repair. Whenever you find that you’re starting to run low on hot water or the water no longer seems as hot as it used to, call our staff immediately. Here are some of the most common types of water heater repair jobs.

Fixing Up Broken Dip Tubes

The dip tubes carries cold, fresh water from the municipal supply down through the tank of your water heater and to the bottom where the heat exchanger then transfers energy from the combustion jets. As the water begins to heat up, it rises back to the top of the tank. If the dip tube falls off, it will deposit cold water at the very top of the tank, where it will then mix with the heated water. A broken dip tube is usually the most common reason for a sudden decrease in the supply of hot water, but it is also an easy job for plumbers to fix.

Restoring a Faulty Burner

Gas-powered water heaters can encounter issues in their burner, just like those in a gas furnace. Rust inside the burner or dirt across its surface can lead to it having issues igniting, and low gas flow or blockage in the line can also lead to a loss of heat. As with any repair problem connected to natural gas, you shouldn’t ever attempt this work on your own because of the health risk that’s involved. Only trust the professionals with the proper tools to handle this.

Replacing Failing Heat Elements

Electric water heaters usually use two heating elements inside the tank to lift the temperature of the water. If one of these elements burns out, your water temperature will decrease, and you’ll be left with lukewarm water in your showerheads and taps. Repair plumbers and technicians can open up the tank and replace the broken element for you in a flash.

If you experience any water heater issues and require a repair during these stressful times, don’t hesitate to call B&D Plumbing!

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