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Drainage Issues that Indicate it’s time for a Dishwasher Repair

Drainage Issues that Indicate it's time for a Dishwasher Repair

Of our large household appliances, the dishwasher is one that’s used consistently or never at all.

Of our large household appliances, the dishwasher is one that’s used consistently or never at all. Sometimes it’s used in ways it was ever intended to be used. For example, you may use the dishwasher for air drying dishes after you hand wash them, or only after large dinner parties. No matter the frequency of the use, there might come a time when your dishwasher starts to drain improperly. This is noticeable when you open up the door and see standing water in the very bottom. The most definite sign of trouble, though, is when water is coming out of the appliance during a wash cycle. If you’re asking yourself why your dishwasher won’t drain, then the following information should help. Here’s some signs that indicate it is time for a dishwasher repair.

Load Dishes the Right Way

There’s a right way and plenty of wrong ways to load a dishwasher. Make sure dishes aren’t jammed together, face them towards the water jets, and avoid obstructing those jets. This is one of the best dishwasher repair tips to keep in mind.

Run Your Garbage Disposal

The dishwasher could be working fine, but it might not appear to be if your garbage disposal is full or there is an air gap inside a connecting hose. Both can prevent water from draining out properly.

Check for Any Clogs

Inside on the bottom of your dishwasher is a debris and food catcher. Make sure that all fallen items and debris aren’t blocking the water flow. This is essential for making sure that you need a dishwasher repair or not.

Check Your Drain Hose

The drain hose is the piece of equipment connecting the sink to your garbage disposal. Straighten that hose, then carefully blow air through the hose or slip a rod through the check for any clogs. Also, make sure that the hose seal is tight.

Inspect your Drain Valve

Check your drain valve too. This is on the valve bracket located towards the bottom of the dishwasher. Ensure that the valve isn’t frozen and can move around freely.

Unclog Your Drain Basket

At the bottom or side of your appliance is the drain basket. Check for dish detergent or food clogs, then wash it out. Washing it from time to time will clear out any debris.

Listen for Any Unusual Sounds

While your machine is running, consider listening for unusual operating sounds. Clicking or humming sounds could mean that the drain pipe or motor might need replacing.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll know for sure if you need a dishwasher repair from B&D Plumbing!

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