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Everything You Need to Know About a Garbage Disposal Installation

Everything You Need to Know About a Garbage Disposal Installation

There are a few things worth knowing about a garbage disposal installation.

Whether you’re replacing an old one our putting one in for the very first time, there are a few things worth knowing about a garbage disposal installation. Our guide on how to go about installing your garbage disposal is helpful if you think its time to replace your old system. Garbage disposals don’t last forever, and when the time comes to replace it, you will begin to see the signs. This is a process that you don’t want to screw up beforehand, so educating yourself on garbage disposals to the fullest will help you the most. Here’s everything you need to know about a garbage disposal installation.

Signs You Need a Garbage Disposal Installation

Your garbage disposal does have a lifespan. They usually last between ten or twelve years. So here are some more signs to seek out if you need new disposal:

Noises from the Garbage Disposal

Sound is common, but when you notice that the sounds are all there, but the food isn’t being chopped up, the motor has likely given out. A few loud noises indicate the need for repairs or a substantial clean out, but if your disposal is old enough, repairs might cost you money for little use in the future.

Consistent Clogs

All garbage disposals clog up – we put them through hell. You will know if you have put something down that could have created a clog, but if this happens more and more often and for no reason at all, its time for a garbage disposal installation.

Leaky Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal should never leak. When this occurs, it indicates wear and tear, which is a common sign that its time for a new garbage disposal installation. A leak can be unhygienic and will also cause strain on other parts for your disposal.

Picking Out a New Garbage Disposal

Once you’ve assessed and confirmed that you need to install a new garbage disposal, there are a few factors that might affect your decision. There are two types of garbage disposal systems. The most popular one is a continuous disposal system. The other kind is batch disposal, suited to those who need to grind up more substantial quantities of food. Other factors for your garbage disposal installation to consider are motor power, whether its equipped for a dishwasher, its materials, and if it comes included with a warranty. Keep these in mind when picking out your garbage disposal and call B&D Plumbing to help you with the installation!

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