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How to Save Yourself from a Garbage Disposal Repair

How to Save Yourself from a Garbage Disposal Repair

Cleaning your garbage disposal isn’t as hard as it may seem.

Garbage disposals are absolute units in the kitchen. They suck away food, slurp up liquids, and in general, just make things in the kitchen a little bit easier when cleaning up. Cleaning your garbage disposal isn’t as hard as it may seem. The first and easiest way to prevent damage or getting a repair is to know which materials don’t belong in your garbage disposal. This includes eggshells, bones, fibrous materials, liquid grease, and coffee grounds just to name a few. These materials are harmful and usually dull your disposal’s blades. Keeping all of this in mind, here are some easy steps on how to avoid a garbage disposal repair with some simple cleaning tricks.

Flushing It Out

The first step in cleaning out your garbage disposal is to flush it out with some water. This will free up the pipes and clear out any dirt, grime, or food pieces. To do this, plunge an opening in your disposal and fill it up with around three inches of hot water. Next, add some soap, swish it around and remove the plug so that it can drain through the pipes. This first step is very vital in cleaning out your garbage disposal effectively.

Ice Cubes and Salt

This next step may seem very, very odd, but trust our judgment on this. Take two and one cups of ice and salt and dump it in your garbage disposal, then turn it on. It’ll sound loud, but that’s just part of the process. Turn on your tap water to assist the mixture. The combination of salt, ice cubes, and water will also flush out any debris. A nice little bonus of this step is that grinding ice happens to sharpen your garbage disposal blades, improving its performance. Doing this to your garbage disposal will save you a call to the plumber for a professional garbage disposal repair.

Scrub it Out

First things first, do NOT stick your hand down your garbage disposal to clean it. The best way to scrub it out when its all said and done is by using a long-handled scrub brush or toothbrush to reach deep down inside. Use this with water and soap, and don’t forget to rinse afterward.

Keep these cleaning tips in mind next time your garbage disposal is acting up. If all else fails, call a professional to come out and help you with a full-service garbage disposal repair!

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