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6 Signs to Call Out a Professional for Sewer Line Services

6 Signs to Call Out a Professional for Sewer Line Services

Nothing is worse than bad plumbing acting up in your home.

Nothing is worse than lousy plumbing acting up in your home. One of the peskiest forms of pipes to deal with is your sewer line. When you are beginning to experience some problems with your main sewer line, you might notice some of the warning signs around the house. These types of signs can vary, from anything to putrid stench to sluggish drainage. If you are experiencing any of the six following problems in your home, it might be wise to call out a professional who specializes in sewer line services to give a helping hand in fixing up your sewer line. 

Backup and Blockages

Sewage backups happen occasionally, but if they occur every single time you flush your toilet, the problem could be our main sewer line. All your home’s drains count on the mainline to drain out properly. If you start to experience blockages in more than one drain in your home, consider getting professional help for any sewer line services.

Disgusting Odors

Peeee-Yew! Your home’s plumbing should never be smelly. If it’s emitting a putrid stench that burns off your nose hairs, you should consider having your system checked out by a licensed professional. There isn’t a whole lot for you to do when your sewer line gets to this point.

Mildew and Mold

Mildew and mold are no joke whatsoever to any homeowners. They can both lead to severe structural damage to your home as well as health issues for you and your family if you allow it to spread. Any crack in your sewer line can leak water and be the root cause of their growth, so you should call a professional to come out to remove it as soon as possible.

Slow Drainage

Slow drains are a very common plumbing issue, and common issues can be fixed easily. However, when these methods fail to work, it could mean that you have a sever clog and your sewer line needs to be cleared.

Foundation Damage

Were you aware that a problem with your water line can cause structural damage in your home? If you let it go untreated, leaking water will cause cracks and potentially even create sinkholes in your foundation. You should call a professional for assistance for sewer line services if this were to occur.

Abnormally Lush Spots

Have you noticed any spots in your yard that seem extra green and lush? If so, it’s probably from a crack in your mainline. Sewage is a fantastic fertilizer, so the leak might be directly below your yard. As grand as this may make your yard look, you need professional assistance from someone who specializes in sewer line services.

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