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How to Tell it is Time for a Toilet Installation

How to Tell it is Time for a Toilet Installation

It can be challenging to know if your plumbing issues are related to your pipes or the toilet itself.

It can be challenging to know if your plumbing issues are related to your pipes or the toilet itself. From leaks to clogs and other odd plumbing issues, pinning down the problem’s cause is no easy task. Luckily, we at B&D Plumbing have compiled a guide to help you figure out if it’s time to move on from your older toilet or if a fix of all the plumbing pipes is what you need. Read on to learn how to tell it’s time for a new toilet installation.

Overflows and Clogs

If you find yourself plumbing because of random stoppages more than once a week, it is time to hang up your plunger and call in a plumber for a toilet installation. If you are sure it’s stoppage related, have tried using a plunger, and still find yourself looking for a life preserver, call in the professionals from B&D Plumbing to address those nasty clogs and get your toilet back into working order.

Consistent Running

Flappers are easy and inexpensive to replace, as well as diagnose with an easy dye test. If the flapper does not leak, make sure that the water level isn’t too high and running into the overflowed pipe by adjusting the float. Leaks or cracks in older floats in need of replacement might also cause this issue. Be sure to quickly address the leak problems to avoid having a heart attack upon the receipt of your next utility bill.


Damage to flooring surrounding your toilet and an overall spongy feeling on your floor is an indication for a toilet installation. If not addressed, possible mildew, rot, and other structural damage could result. If you start to notice flooring damage, contact B&D Plumbing for a proper diagnosis, which might be tricky. Both a broken flange and a flange are too low, indicated by a rot around the flange, which could cause leaks. If this isn’t the case, you might just need a wax ring.

Poor Flushes

Take a look inside your tank and see if it fills to the correct levels, one inch from the top of the overflow, or needs a fill valve adjustment. You could do this with a screwdriver’s help on the valve style mechanisms or by adjusting the clip on the float-style mechanisms. If you need help with this, call in B&D Plumbing for a proper repair or installation.

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