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How to Properly Conduct Sump Pump Maintenance

How to Properly Conduct Sump Pump Maintenance

Your sump pump works hard to prevent floods and keep your house dry.

How much thought do you typically give your sump pump? It is probably not a lot because most of the time, sump pumps work as they are supposed to, humming along in the background, working as hard as it can to prevent floods that could damage your home. It is a small machine, but a big part of keeping your basement dry, so you must know how to keep it in good working form. How often do you have to perform sump pump maintenance to keep it working correctly? If you’re asking yourself that question, read on to learn all about proper sump pump maintenance!

Specific Sump Pumps Require Monthly Cleaning

If your sump pump is responsible for disposing of your washing machine water, the inlet or screen opening will probably be cleaned each month. You will have to physically remove a submersible pump out of its pit to clean the grate on the bottom. The pump could suck smaller stones into the grate, so cleaning it will ensure that the inlet is not blocked, because blockage or leakage can eventually damage your pump.

Even if it Doesn’t Dispose of Washing Machine Water, You Could Benefit from Quarterly Attention

Again, the pump screen or inlet opening needs cleaning much more frequently than once a year. It’s a smart idea to check on it every couple of months to make sure it’s working correctly. Check to see that it is plugged into a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet and that the cord to the pump is in perfect condition. Make sure that the GFCI breaker has not tripped and shut off your entire sump pump. Your pump should also be standing upright, and you consider pouring a bucket of water into the pit to make sure that it is started automatically and drains out the water quickly. Check out the outlet pipes, too, to ensure that they are joined together tightly and draining at least 20 feet from your home and that the vent hole in the discharge pipe is all clear.

Yearly Sump Pit and Sump Pump Maintenance is Needed

Removing the pump from your pit, you will clean them both. After checking the power source to ensure it’s cord is in good shape and the connection is accurate, disconnect it. Then clean the grate, check the drainage pipes, clean off the screen or inlet opening, put the pump back into the pit, and then fill it with water to keep it from running dry.

If you think these maintenance tips are a bit too tricky, do not hesitate to call B&D Plumbing! Our professional team can come and assess the situation accurately!

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