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Reasons Why Your Sump Pump is Working Despite No Rain

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Check out these reasons why your sump pump is working despite no rain.

It’s a sunny day in Maryland, and you’re outside enjoying the weather when you suddenly hear a whoosh of water coming from your house. Your sump pump is running, but why? Check out these reasons why your sump pump is working despite no rain.

Elevated Water Table

Spring storms can produce lingering effects on the water table. It might take a few days post-storm for the water table to return to normal levels. While it might be a sunny forecast, the water table displays the past days’ rainfall accumulation. Also, a nearby overflowing stream or river can contribute to a rise in the water table.

In addition, a high-water table can trigger a flooded basement or other flooding problems. If you notice an extended period of labor from your sump pump or flooding, call B&D Plumbing at 301-595-1141 to check for sump pump failure.

Undersized Sump Pump

Your sump pump is working despite no rain because you might have an undersized pump system. Your discharge pipe must be sized correctly to pump the water out efficiently. Too little power or a small pipe will trigger the sump pump system to run frequently and take longer to remove the water. In this case, consult with one of our plumbers to inspect your sump pump capacity. It can be undersized for your residential property.

A Clogged Drain

Sump pumps depend on a drain to migrate the water from your basement to the outside. Over time, debris and dirt will pass through the pump and dam up the drains. Check the drain for a blockage if your sump pump is working despite no rain.

You might be able to clear out the blockage if it’s close to the surface. Otherwise, you may need to call a licensed plumbing company. Please mention our current special: 10% off your first plumbing service when you call B&D Plumbing for an appointment.

Sump Pump Failure

Lastly, your sump pump system should function without you hearing it most of the time. If you hear clunking noises, your sump pump may be tilted due to the vibrations of its job. It would be wise to perform a manual test to ensure your sump pump is functioning well.

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