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A Few of the Top Septic Tank Issues

A Few of the Top Septic Tank Issues

Septic tanks are essential plumbing appliances that every home needs to be in tip-top shape to keep everything running smoothly.

As long as you use and maintain it the right way, a well-designed septic tank shouldn’t give you a lot of trouble. Septic tanks are essential plumbing appliances that every home needs to be in tip-top shape to keep everything running smoothly. If you ever find yourself facing septic tank issues, see which solutions you can implement yourself. Then, if necessary, call B&D Plumbing’s team of professional plumbers to take a look at your system. Here’s a few of the most common septic tank issues that occur.

Excess Water in Your Septic Tank

The issue here is if your septic tank is using too much water, which fills up the septic tank much faster than it can handle. This allows for only solid waste to float on the rising tide and block off distribution tubes that are designed exclusively for liquids. A quick solution would be to minimize the amount of water that you use every day. Take shorter showers, install low-flow toilets, and wash your laundry over a few days instead of all at once. Call in a plumber if you start to notice water backing up into your house or collecting around the tank itself, which are significant signs of blocked distribution tubes.

Non-Biodegradable Items in Your Septic Tank

Items like diapers, tampons, and paper towels take up space in your septic tank, raising liquid levels and allowing solids to block off distribution tubes. An at-home solution would be to flush only bodily waste and toilet paper down your toilets. If you notice water starting to back up into your house, call a professional plumber from B&D Plumbing.

Harsh Chemicals inside Your Septic Tank

Gasoline, pesticides, paint thinner, and motor oil are prime examples of toxic chemicals that kill off bacteria that are needed for breaking down waste within your septic tank. A DIY solution to avoid further damages would be to stop dumping harsh chemicals down your drain. If you notice plants around your septic tank dying, this is a sign of toxic chemicals leaching into the soil and polluting the surrounding ground. Call in a plumber to avoid further damages if you notice that.

Tree Root Intrusion

Roots can crack your septic tank pipes, allowing for dirt to enter. They can also collapse the pipes entirely. These problems prevent the tank from draining entirely. If you call a plumber, they can clean the pipes out to make sure that they’re fulling open. If he encounters an issue, he can run a camera down the lines to see if a root has intruded the pipes.

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