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Why Exactly is my Faucet Leaking and How Do I Stop It?

Why Exactly is my Faucet Leaking and How Do I Stop It?

The annoying dripping of a leaky faucet can drive even the most relaxed person to go totally insane.

Drip, drip, drip. The annoying dripping of a leaky faucet can drive even the most relaxed person to go totally insane. It can also lead to a marked increase in your home’s monthly water bill, wear away at the very inside of your faucet, and lead to other costly and troubling issues. Luckily, the experts at B&D Plumbing can help you find out why your faucet is leaking and help you stop it. Here’s a few of the top reasons your faucet is leaking and some ways to prevent or repair it.

Why is my Faucet Leaky?

There’s a couple of main causes of faucet dripping. Sometimes, it is the result of one of their parts being damaged, like the o-ring, washer, and inner seal. In some instances, a leak is due to a worn-out cartridge. This cartridge is located within the faucet within a cartridge faucet. It handles a lot of pressure from water, which naturally wears it down over time. These are not the only potential issues. Sometimes a leak occurs because your home’s plumbing has a problem with water pressure or a hard water build-up. Its also possible that there is a broken pipe or fitting somewhere down the line.

How Can I Fix my Faucet?

The easiest way to fix your leak is to call some professional plumbers to diagnose why it is leaking and fix it for you. However, we understand that not everyone wants to call in the pros for every single plumbing issue that they face. How you fix a leak all depends on the variety of faucet that you own. There are compression faucets and cartridge faucets.

Fixing Leaks in Compression Faucets

Compression faucets have decorative caps on their handles. Remove the cap, and then remove the handle screw underneath it. Once the handle screw is removed, take the handle off. Then, try using a crescent wrench to unscrew the packing nut located within. Once everything is taken apart, take the stem out and replace the o-ring.

Fixing Leaks in Cartridge Faucets

To fix a leak within a cartridge faucet, you will usually have to replace the interior. To do this, you’ll have to remove the decorative cap on the handle, and then the handle screw. Take off the handle and pull the cartridge up and out. Remove it and then replace it before putting everything back where it belonged.

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