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3 Reasons Hot Water May Be Coming Out of Your Cold Faucet


Struggling with hot water coming out of your cold water faucet? We’ve got the details on why that may be the case.

Most faucets have two knobs or a directional knob that controls hot and cold water. Sometimes, though, the unexpected can occur: hot water coming out of the cold faucet! This mystifying problem can be especially obnoxious to adjust to, as it’s likely you will continue to forget and become frustrated every time this happens. There are a few major causes of this issue so today we’re looking at three reasons hot water may be coming out of your cold water faucet.

1. The Pipes Are Too Close

In many plumbing installations, the cold and hot water pipes run parallel to each other when running into the faucet. Sometimes, this can actually cause one of the pipes to affect the temperature of the other. If your water heater is too close to your cold water pipes, this can cause the same issue. A good plumber will know to avoid this problem entirely during the installation process, but if it’s an existing issue, the best remedy is to insulate those pipes which can go a long way in regulating the internal water temperature.

2. Thermostat Woes

Your system may have a thermostat that works alongside an immersion heater, and if this thermostat becomes broken or malfunctions, it could lead to hot water coming out of your cold water tap. Worst case scenario, this could lead to boiling water ending up in your cold water tap. The ending result is lukewarm water that isn’t the cold you expect. A local plumber can take a look at your thermostat and prevent the issue from happening again.

3. Vent Issues

This is especially an issue during the colder months, where ventilation ducts may be warm to the touch thanks to your home’s central heating. This is essential in keeping you nice and warm, but if your cold water pipes are touching those ducts, it can actually cause the water within to warm up. Insulation is another way to solve such an issue and wouldn’t require a complete overhaul of your existing plumbing system or ventilation ducts.

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