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How to Resolve Water Heating Issues

Hot Water

If you’re struggling with the hot water in your home, it may be time to start looking for the causes.

With the weather still on the chilly side you may find yourself looking forward to a toasty hot bath or shower–only to learn that your water isn’t heating up quickly or as hot as you want. Is there anything quite so disappointing as a lukewarm shower in winter? Not only does waiting too long waste water and energy, but it can also make you late and be indicative of some severe problems. Let’s walk through some of the many issues and fixes for lagging hot water.

What Causes Lagging Hot Water?

When it comes to getting your hot water, there can be a few different reasons why it arrives cold or takes a long time. To start, consider how far away from your water heater the tap in question is located. If it is a long distance that might be part of the problem. Second, if the pipes out of your heating unit are in an area that is not well insulated or it may take a while for your unit to push out water hot enough not to cool quickly. If your water heater is older, it may be on the brink of death which can cause delays and malfunctions. Lastly, if you have a buildup of sediment in your water heater, it can cause delays over time.

How Can You Get Hot Water Faster?

One of the first ways to improve the speed of your hot water’s arrival is to invest in a water recirculation system. These innovative systems allow for water to move more quickly and keep hot water closer to the tap. They can either be attached to specific faucets or to the water heater itself. Additionally, you may want to consider adding a layer of insulation to hot water pipes running in your basement and other areas that stay cooler. This extra layer can help keep the water warmer.

What Other Options Are There?

If you’re fed up and looking for more severe solutions, a tankless water heater may be the right option for you. Tankless water heaters are available in point of use and whole house versions, depending on your needs. If only a specific sink or faucet needs the help, a single unit may be a good fit. Water heaters can have a long lifespan if properly maintained, but after about ten years they may begin to slow down. If you continue to have problems with water heater, it might be time to replace your unit entirely.

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