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The Major Steps for Unclogging a Sink


Dealing with a clogged sink is no fun. Try out these tips to remedy the problem.

If your sink ends up getting clogged, it can be pretty catastrophic for a family. Your bathroom or kitchen sink is often a necessity, allowing you to clean dishes, keep your hands sanitized, or brush your teeth on the regular. Because sinks are such an important part of our homes and they get so much use, it’s only natural that you eventually end up having to handle a clogged sink in your home. Take these steps to help remedy your clogged sink.

1. Check the Drain

First, you want to take a look at the drain of your sink. This is the first point of contact for any debris that may have fallen in, like human hair, kitty litter, food scraps, or any other kind of gunk that you may have going down the drain. Because of all of the different kinds of material that can end up blocking your drain, this is the first place you want to try to remedy. You can do so by lifting the plunger bit out of the sink and cleaning it off. Replace it and see if your sink is now unclogged.

2. Use a Plunger

Next, if the previous step didn’t work, you want to try plunging your sink. Remember that there are different plungers for toilets and sinks so make sure you are utilizing the proper tools. Run water over the plunger for a few seconds and then use the plunger to create a seal over the sink, plunging it accordingly. Hopefully, this will cause water to immediately begin draining and will get rid of the pool of water that has developed in your sink.

3. Clean the Trap

If neither of those solutions worked, there’s one more thing you can try before you bring a professional in to help you. Take a look at the drain trap beneath the sink. When you pull the trap off, you my need to put down a bowl or bucket to catch the water that will come out. Clean out the trap and then you can reattach it to the rest of the pipes. This can often relieve a lot of the issues that cause sinks to clog. However, if this doesn’t work, there isn’t much more you can do without having a professional plumber step in and repair your issue for you.

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