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When Should You Replace Your Beltsville Sewer Cleanout?

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Most homeowners have no idea what a sewer cleanout is or where to find them.

Everything home should constantly have a sewer cleanout, but unfortunately, it’s not always like that. Many sewer cleanouts are complex to locate in older houses that are more than 40 years old. In other cases, the cleanouts have been buried, concreted, or drywalled for cosmetic reasons. But if your home does include a sewer cleanout, when should it be replaced?

Inability to Locate the Sewer Cleanout

Most homeowners have no idea what a sewer cleanout is or where to find them. However, a sewage cleanout is essential for your property’s waste disposal and plumbing system. In addition, every landlord should let their tenants know of the cleanout’s location.  

Furthermore, some plumbing companies will ask for the location of your sewer cleanout so they can have access to a clogged drain. Any backed-up sewage issues in a house will produce a mess and become a health risk. A cleanout permits your plumber easy access to work on a camera inspection before they hydro jet or snake your clogged drain.

The Home Inspection Report Should Include the Cleanout

Also, ensure the home inspection report includes a sewer cleanout if you’re moving into a home for the first time. This isn’t an issue in the newer home developments because sewer cleanouts are typically exposed on the side of the house or in the home’s garage.  

In addition, you’ll discover that older homes have a cleanout located on the house’s roof, known as the venting system. The purpose of the venting system is to complete two functions. First, the vents will reveal sewer gases linked to a vertical-shaped waste pipe. Then, the exact pipe gets utilized as a cleanout.  

Some Older Homes Don’t Have a Sewer Cleanout

In rare circumstances, you might live in a home without a cleanout. This means that your sewer line is possibly cast iron. It’s uncommon that a house with a PVC sewer line does not have a sewer cleanout. We don’t recommend installing a PVC or ABS cleanout on a poor cast iron sewer line. Especially if the sewer line demonstrates indications of corrosion. Your cast iron sewer line of 60 years old or more might need a replacement as soon as possible.

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