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Why Your Home in Potomac May Need a Urinal Installation

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Have you ever considered having a urinal installed in your home?

Have you ever considered having a urinal installed in your home? The technology in commercial urinals has significantly changed. You no longer have to flush a urinal because it now has touchless technology. The water is released as soon as you walk away! Additionally, urinals are increasing in several residences. Read on for why your home may need a urinal installation. 

Having a Urinal Is Very Hygienic

The most practical reason for having a home urinal is they are hygienic. There will be no more urine drops on the toilet seat. The women will enjoy not touching the toilet lid to raise and lower it. In addition, the urinal assists with easy aim. This means that the floor will maintain clean.

In addition, ladies will not have to worry about the men in the house leaving the seat up or down. Many homeowners have noticed that the bathroom stayed clean after their plumber installed the new urinal.

Save Money on Water

Furthermore, having a urinal will help you save money on water bills and contribute to environmental conservation. Compared to a regular toilet (1.6 gallons of water per flush), the urinal usually consumes less than 1 gallon per flush.

The urine passes through a mainly designed sealing oil-based liquid compared to a toilet. The urine sinks through the liquid, disguising any smell. Lastly, the urine hits the waste pipe and moves along the sewer system.  

A Urinal Would Be a Cool Feature in a Home

Besides hygiene, your toilet is still the best option for your home’s bathroom. The toilet will always take precedence over a urinal when space is limited in a bathroom. Unlike a urinal, toilets can remove numbers 1 and 2.  

Although that is the case, most would agree that a urinal would be fantastic in a home bathroom. Supply costs and urinal installation differ, and they can be more expensive than a toilet. You can anticipate paying more for an installation based on the alterations to your plumbing system. Nevertheless, if bathroom space is not a problem, it would be an excellent fixture for your boys!

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