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Helpful Tips for Living Without a Garbage Disposal

B&D Plumbing Garbage Disposal

If you don’t have a garbage disposal, please don’t mistreat your drains.

A garbage disposal makes a kitchen clean up effortlessly. While garbage disposals are standard in many homes, some other houses and apartments lack garbage disposal. Don’t worry! There are various ways to eliminate kitchen scraps. Read on for other options!

Prevent a Clogged Drain

If you don’t have a garbage disposal, please don’t mistreat your drains. Leftover food and grease can gather inside pipes and produce a clogged drain. Ensure you dispose of kitchen scraps in a plumbing-conscious way, such as dumping them in your trash can. Additionally, grease is one of the worst things you can abandon down your drain.

A clog will form if you run warm grease down your drain, eventually cooling in the pipe. Then other things are attached to the grease, and then a significant clog will develop. Avoid pouring oil down your drain by keeping a glass jar to accumulate the grease and dump it away when the jar is full. 

No Garbage Disposal? Compost Your Kitchen Scraps

Another option for eliminating kitchen scraps is to begin composting. This is the best way to lessen waste and offer nutrients to your garden. You can also compost indoors if you are limited with yard space. Some home improvement stores sell bins, particularly for indoor composting. Moreover, you can dump your food leftovers into a composting bin without clogging your plumbing drain.   

Install a Mesh Drain Catch

Furthermore, you can use a drain catch to keep food out of your kitchen pipes. This specific device catches food scraps before they crumble down the drain and jam it. Also, it’s simple to clean because you lift it out, empty everything into the trash, and rinse it.  

Drains usually seem to clog at the wrong time, like when you have a party or overnight guests. And while you might not prevent every drain clog, installing a mesh drain catch can help maintain your drains running freely.  

Schedule Routine Plumbing Maintenance

Lastly, sustain your drain care by frequently scheduling plumbing maintenance. Accidents occur, and sometimes leftover scraps and grease might collapse down your drain. You may think of using store-bought drain chemicals to eliminate a clog, but these products can be harmful to your pipes. If you are experiencing an existing clogged drain, it’s best to receive residential plumbing services.   

If you are still having clogging problems after performing the tips above, consider contacting a home plumbing contractor for a garbage disposal installation.

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