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Retrofitting with PVC

broken leaking copper water pipe

Living with an outdated, or damaged plumbing system makes life much harder than it has to be.

Your home plumbing system is vital to your safety and quality of life. It carries away waste and allows you to do your daily tasks with ease. Living with an outdated, or damaged plumbing system makes life much harder than it has to be. Simple tasks like showering or washing dishes may start to feel nearly impossible. Here, we’ll address when it’s time to seek out retrofitting, and why PVC is such a great choice.

Outdated Pipes vs. PVC

Making updates to your home can add thousands of dollars of value, whether you plan to sell soon or not. As new plumbing materials become available, you might want to consider updating to make your system more durable. For example, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a type of plastic that is widely used for drainage pipes because its durability is unquestionable. Older pipes may also have sustained damage from use over many years. Sometimes this is obvious, like dripping or slow drainage, but other times you may not know until a plumber tells you. 


Leaky pipes are a drag on any home. They can be noisy, messy, and slow to the point that your basic appliances are unusable. If it gets to the point that a quick repair just won’t be enough, retrofitting your pipes with PVC can fix the issues now and for years to come. 

Corroded Pipes

Pipes that have been weathered over time in different spots may show different signs of damage. Powdery white residue, leaks, and rust stains are all signs of badly aged plumbing. Retrofitting with a more sturdy material like PVC makes your home safer. Rust in particular can be hazardous to your health if it ends up in drinking and cooking water. 

Drawbacks to PVC

Although PVC is an extremely popular plumbing material, and it does work great in the appropriate applications, there are some areas where another material will serve you better. Because PVC is plastic, it will not withstand the prolonged use of very hot water. For those piped that need to carry hot water through your home, we experts recommend using copper. If price is a concern, PEX is a comparable material at a lower price point. 

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