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The Top Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes

B&D Plumbing frozen pipes

Take these steps to avoid the hassle of frozen pipes.

During the brutal winter months in the Mid-Atlantic, many homeowners will often experience freezing pipes. In fact, frozen pipes are one of the more common plumbing issues that can occur in the winter season. The reality is, while many homeowners can take steps to prepare for the winter season, preventing frozen pipes might require a bit more specific preparation to ensure they don’t freeze in the frigid weather. Ultimately, having a plan in place to make sure that you proactively prevent your pipes from freezing can make your winter a lot more enjoyable. Here are some easy and simple ways you can begin to prevent your pipes from freezing in the icy temperatures. 

Pay Close Attention To The Weather Forecast

When it comes to freezing pipes, paying special attention to the weather forecast can do a lot to help. In fact, pipes will usually end up freezing after a lengthy period of frigid temperatures. The reality is, if you happen to know the future forecast, you can then better prepare for those below-freezing temperatures effectively and prevent your pipes from freezing. Ultimately, freezing pipes are more likely to happen in the latter half of the winter season — which in the Mid-Atlantic is right around the end of February and well into March as well. As a result, knowing the predicted weather can help you determine the proper steps to take to insulate your pipes accordingly and avoid seeing them frozen. 

Effective And Efficient Draining Ahead Of Time

During the fall season, it might be beneficial to drain all your pipes. In fact, doing so is one step you can take to prevent your pipes from freezing come winter. The reality is, all your outdoor water lines will need to be drained in the fall. Ultimately, draining your water lines before temperatures dip to below freezing will ensure that there isn’t any excess moisture left over from a swimming pool or sprinkler system that could end up leading to frozen pipes down the line. At the end of the day, not taking steps towards draining your water lines might actually cause your pipes to freeze significantly quicker. 

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