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3 Efficient Water Saving Strategies

3 Efficient Water Saving Strategies

Water prices aren’t terrible here in Maryland, but it is always a good idea to find some new ways to save money on your plumbing system.

As summer months arrive with hotter temperatures, we are using water more and more, which means there is a higher demand. With more demand for water, prices are bound to increase. Water prices aren’t terrible here in Maryland, but it is always a good idea to find some new ways to save money on your plumbing system while conserving water at the same time. From high-efficiency appliances to ideal plumbing practices, there are many ways homeowners in our area can limit the amount of water they use without making it an impact on their daily lives. Read on to learn more!

Invest in Some High-Efficiency Appliances

A lot of older homes have toilets and sinks that may look aesthetically pleasing but use almost double the water that all efficient models do. Take your toilet, for example. Newer models are very efficient, using fewer gallons per flush than your older, outdated toilets. This improvement means you can now save money on your water bill each month. Likewise, there are many showerheads and faucets that are high efficiency and aerating. This means that they use less H2O while making it feel like you are using just as much as you were before! Consider investing in one of these high-tech appliances or improvements so you can see all of the benefits in your plumbing budget.

Use Less Water Whenever You Can

We all know long, comfortable showers are the best thing ever when we’ve had a long day. Especially when you have the appliances to handle your shower or bath, they can be a soothing end to a day full of hard work and stress. However, you might be adding to your stress by taking much longer showers since you are using more water than you genuinely need. Try to limit the time spent in the shower when you can, or use less wherever you can. Instead of washing your car various times a month, try to do it just once a month.

Know Where the Water is Going

This is a significant one we can help with. Sometimes a house could be dealing with leaks that are impossible to find. These are known as pinhole leaks since they’re typically the size of a pinhole. If your house is leaking, you might be paying for wasted water that you didn’t even know was being wasted. Try to turn off your water-using appliances and check your water meter. If it still shows you are using water, then you have a hidden leak. Our plumbing team can come and fix this!

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