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Temporary DIY Fixes for a Leaking Pipe

Temporary DIY Fixes for a Leaking Pipe

There are a few tried and true temporary solutions for your leaking pipe.

As your trusted local plumbing company, if we have the authority to talk about anything, it would be your leaking pipes. Aside from performing drain cleaning here in Maryland, we also see ruined basements and water damage quite a lot as a direct effect of pipe leaks. Pipes that start to leak can lead even the hardiest homeowner into a bit of a panic. Although, in case you were wondering, there are a few tried and true temporary solutions for your leaking pipe while you wait for a plumbing crew to arrive. Basically, these tips will assist you in mitigating the damage caused by leaks while a plumber makes their way to your house. These leaks can be devastating and nasty to the rest of your plumbing system if left untreated. If you are looking for a couple of ways to mitigate your anxiety levels and limit the panic once a pipe leak happens, read on!

Pipe Clamps

If you are asking questions like “how reliable is something as tiny as a pipe clamp?” Then you are barking up the wrong type of tree. Pipe clamps are used on submarines and aircraft carriers where pressure is at its absolute highest. They are sturdy and built to keep pipes all intact. While functioning more like a kind of “Band-Aid” than a permanent solution, they are great for when you are waiting until the plumber is available to give you a hand.

Epoxy Solution

Epoxy compounds or resins are an effective and affordable temporary solution to a leaking pipe. These resins can create a solid waterproof seal on your pipes that can keep the liquid from the inside from leaking. While they definitely do not last forever, they can last just long enough for the plumbers from B&D Plumbing to provide a more long-term fix.

Pipe Wraps

Kind of like epoxy, pipe wraps could be found at most hardware stores and are a wonderful temporary solution to a minor leak. As long as you have got the area of the pipe leak or crack spotted, a pipe wrap could provide an excellent seal that will help limit the damage done for the time being.

Rubber Pipe Connectors

Sometimes a leaking pipe can occur in the joint of two pipes, where resin or a clamp may not fit. Rubber pipe connectors can be tight enough when fitted right onto the pipe to stop a temporary leak. Although, we recommend rubber pipe connectors less since they might require cutting and could often be a bit more tricky than some of the other solutions we have mentioned.

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