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Simple Ways to Unclog Hair within Your Drains

Simple Ways to Unclog Hairs within Your Drains

There’s a few easy ways that you can get rid of hair lodged in your drains.

Just about every person with a full head of hair has experienced some sluggish or clogged drainage at a certain point. Drain stoppers do a very good job at slowing down hair that infiltrates the drain, but the blockage is typically inevitable. Luckily, there’s a few easy ways that you can get rid of hair lodged in your drains, including a snaking tool, a mix of baking soda and vinegar, and of course, plunging. Finally, for those stubborn and pesky clogs, you might want to call a plumber from B&D Plumbing. Read on to learn more!

Create or Make a Snaking Tool

Makeshift or store-bought snaking tools are a good way to de-clog the sink or bathroom drain when less invasive methods do not seem to do the trick. You could create your own snaking device using wire hangers. All you’d have to do is straighten out the hanger and then stick it down your drain to break up any clogs. Other methods include purchasing a Zip-it tool. After snaking your drain, it is also a wise idea to flush your drain down with hot water to ensure that the clog is entirely gone.

Add Some Vinegar and Baking Soda

We are no scientists at B&D Plumbing, but we know a thing or two about drain cleaners. If you add vinegar and baking soda together, it causes a chemical reaction that will do quite well to clear up any simple clogs. To try this unclogging experiment, just pour some water down into your drain, followed by the baking soda and then the vinegar. Wait about five minutes, then pour some boiling hot water into the drain. This should do the trick for a clogged drain that isn’t too serious. If this doesn’t do the trick, then give our professional plumbers a call to come out and fix the issue.

Plunge the Drain Away

If your hairball won’t come up from the drain, then the next thing you should do is push it through the trap or wherever it might be stuck. For this kind of job, grab your reliable plunger. From here, make sure you seal the deal by plunging the drain with a cup and then a flat plunger. Again, if this doesn’t work, our professional crew has countless drain clearing methods that we can try.

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