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A Guide on Fixing a Broken Toilet Handle

A Guide on Fixing a Broken Toilet Handle

If you’ve noticed your toilet handle isn’t working to its best ability and your toilet isn’t flushing correctly, then you probably have a problem.

Do you have a toilet that is acting strange? If so, there could be a couple of reasons as to why this is happening. If you’ve noticed your toilet handle isn’t working to its best ability and your toilet isn’t flushing correctly, then you probably have an issue with your toilet handle. Luckily, there is a quick fix that you can do while you wait for the plumbing professionals to come over. Here is a helpful guide to fixing your broken toilet handle. Read on to learn exactly what you should do!

How the Toilet Handle Works

First, it is important to understand what your toilet handle does exactly. When you pull the handle, it should lift a rod that is connected to your tank’s drain. The connection is then made by a chain that should be readily apparent once you take the lid off the toilet. If your handle is not working, there is some type of breakdown within these components. It could be the handle itself, the rod, the stopper over the drain, or the chain.

Where to Start

Start by first removing the toilet’s lid and then unhooking the chain off from the rod. A simple clip usually attaches it without any special tools required. Then, locate the nut where the handle attaches to the inside of the tank. It should then unscrew quite easily if the nut is plastic. If it is made up of metal, you might need a wrench to screw it off. Once the nut is free entirely, you should be able to pull off the handle out of the tank with the rod coming out with it.

Create a Replacement

Let’s assume your problem is with your handle itself and not a broken stopper or chain. You could find a replacement kit at your local hardware store, and they are not hard to use at all. Once the broken handle and rod are removed, all you’ve got to do is open your kit and swap out the broken handle and rod with some new ones. As you are installing it, make sure to get the nut tight enough without getting it too tight. If you end up overtightening, it may be hard to take off later, and you may even strip the nut. Finally, clip your chain back to the new rod and then swap the toilet’s lid. If it does not work, you might have a more significant issue that requires a professional to come out and take a peek.

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