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What to Do When Your Children Cause Toilet Issues

What to Do When Your Children Cause Toilet Issues

Although our kids love to explore most rooms in our homes, the bathroom is irresistible, especially the toilet.

Although our kids love to explore most rooms in our homes, the bathroom is irresistible, especially the toilet where a child could flush and flush forever, watching all of the water spin down your drain. Toilets can also be nice storage devices for aquatic toys, or any toys, really. Also, the bathroom is the main location for toilet training, making the toilet not just a recreational object for toys. However, it is also a part of the rite to becoming a “big kid now.” Besides all that, where does all that water go? Since the bathroom or toilet can’t be walled off and covered in plastic, what do we do when our children cause issues with the toilet? Read on for some preventative tips and tricks.

Foreign Objects in Toilet

Regardless of what our kids might think, the toilet is not designed for anything at all other than water, toilet paper, or any human waste. Anything else might cause blockage in the short and long term. If you suspect a blockage might be the result of too much toilet paper, use a plunger. It might happen that you can see an object or toy on the surface. In that case, you can then fish it out. If the object was small enough or not buoyant enough, it might have gone into your piping system. This is more tricky because you do not want to push it down further into the drain when you try to get it back with something like a plumbing snake. In this case, calling the professionals is probably the best course of action.

Flushing Issues

If a latch does not dissuade your progeny from flushing your toilet endlessly, you can try a few different tricks. Turn your water valve off at the base of your toilet. This will ensure that there is no water in your tank to replenish the bowl once it has flushed. One other helpful trick would be to remove the chain from your flush lever. Take the lid off of your tank to do this too. To reattach, you could pull the handle up, or you can take the lid off your tank as before. Make sure to teach your children the rules of flushing when you potty train them too. Once they’re finished and have flushed the toilet, you can guide them away from the bathroom. Over time, they’ll get used to this device and move onto something new.

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