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Why You Should Consider Installing a Low Flow Toilet

Why You Should Consider Installing a Low Flow Toilet

A low flow toilet can provide your home’s plumbing system with many benefits.

To save money while improving your home plumbing systems’ overall performance, it is vital to research the latest options and pinpoint the appliances that can bring true and long-lasting value to your property. The team at B&D Plumbing can help guide you throughout this process. We have got years of experience guiding homeowners on the latest and greatest home systems and helping them pick which systems offer the best value for their money. In this latest blog, we will present our guide for a new innovation within home appliances. Read on to learn all about a low flow toilet in your bathroom.

Low Flow Toilet Will Save You Money

Imagine having hundreds of dollars of extra money in your pocket each year. That is one of the primary benefits of picking the latest low-flow toilets. A low flow toilet is designed with smaller tanks and greater water use efficiency than your traditional toilets. While traditional models use about 3.4 gallons per flush, the leading low flow toilets use about 1.6 gallons, saving you close to around two gallons of water per flush. For a lot of homeowners with many different family members in the home throughout the day, this could add up to plenty of dollars in savings for the entire year!

Low Flow Systems Will Help Save the Environment

In addition to saving you some cash on your water bill, you will also play a role in helping conserve your local water resources when you pick a low flow system. Low flow toilets are designed specially to not extract a considerable amount of water from your local pipes. This means that there are more resources available for applications like sustainable farming and ensures that there is enough water available for all of the residents. It is a commitment to conservation that will help protect your local area for years to come.

Dual Flush Systems Will Give Users Options

A dual-flush unit has a standard flush mechanism and a low flush mechanism. This means that for a more challenging to flush waste materials, users have the choice of a regular flush. But with a low flow choice, many homeowners will be able to consolidate their water expenditure with limited impact on their home’s plumbing pipes. It is a win-win situation. For more information on these toilets, give B&D Plumbing a call today!

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