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Factors to Consider Before a New Toilet Installation

Factors to Consider Before a New Toilet Installation

Although most people will just install a toilet without thought, it might prove to be a costly mistake.

A toilet installation is one of the essential plumbing services for you to consider. After all, how do you expect to live inside your home without a working toilet? It is the most important plumbing fixture in your entire home. People in your house use it several times a day, and if it doesn’t work, the level of convenience and sanitation in your house will suffer. However, before you scurry out and buy the cheapest toilet you can find, you have to ensure you’re picking the right one. Although most people will just install a toilet without thought, it might prove to be a costly mistake. Read on to learn a few different factors to think about before you go with a new toilet installation.

Utility Bills

Bathrooms use nearly half of the average American’s water usage, with toilets by themselves accounting for 25 to 30 percent of the water. Older seven-gallon water tanks can run you thousands of gallons per year on average. But if you were to cut down to a newer 1.28-gallon water tank, the annual average consumption could drop by thousands of gallons. By upgrading to an upgraded and more efficient toilet, your water bill would drop by a lot.

Shape of Toilet Bowel

You have the option of picking between two different-sized bowls: oval-shaped or round. A lot of homeowners will prefer an oval-shaped toilet because of its ability to meet a much wider range of plumbing needs. However, you should also strongly consider how much space this will take up in your bathroom. An oval-shaped toilet might sound nice, but you have to think how much it will cost you in the bigger picture.

Height of Toilet Seat

The average height of the standard toilet is around 14.5 inches. However, a few other models are designed to accommodate taller people with a height of approximately 16 inches. Handicap-rated units can range from about 17 to 19 inches. There has to be a comfortable amount of distance and difference between these models when you go to bend your needs, especially for everyone living in your house. Consider how much elbow room you need too.


Most homes require about 15 inches from the center to wall and about two feet in front to have enough space for a newer toilet. Although this distance might be okay if you have limited space inside your bathroom, having at about 30 inches in front will make you feel much less cramped.

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