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Lousy Shower Habits That Could Ruin Your Plumbing System

Lousy Shower Habits That Could Ruin Your Plumbing System

The way we get ready each morning to shower can have a natural effect on our plumbing system.

Our shower habits causing damage to our plumbing is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you twist that knob to get the shower going. However, the way we get ready each morning can have a natural effect on our plumbing system. So, what are the things we do that cause unwanted issues within our plumbing system? Read on for a list of a few lousy shower habits that could potentially ruin your home’s plumbing system.

A Hot, Long Shower

Very few of us haven’t had that meditative and spa-like experience of the hot, long shower. Although it isn’t terrible to occasionally indulge ourselves like that, it is a bad habit to do every single morning. For starters, that type of shower could actually cause irritation like itchy and dry skin. However, the pattern can also hit your pocketbook because long showers create the ideal environment for the growth of mold within your shower or bathroom. To help fight this:

  1. Use proper ventilation to eliminate any humidity.
  2. Keep a window or bathroom door completely open.
  3. Run your bathroom fan too.
  4. Try to eliminate the time you spend in the shower to about ten minutes and resist the temptation to use steaming hot water.

Even moderately warm water is good for your body and your plumbing system.

Hair Stuck in Your Drains

One thing that can harm your plumbing system the most is the blockage in your pipes due to any foreign materials. This includes hair, which builds up over time. Hair can cause your drain to run very slowly, and then eventually, it can block your drains. Use a drain cover or some type of drain stopper, and then collect the hair, so it does not cause issues for you down the line.

Ignoring Any Hard Water Build-Up

Hard water can be an irritant to our skin and hair, causing more to be spent on moisturizers and conditioners. However, hard water is also able to collect and block the nozzles of your shower head. The dry, flaky substance around your nozzles is the residue that is leftover from hard water. Instead of ignoring the residue, wipe down the showerhead with shampoo, and that will keep the water flowing quite easily while preventing blockage. Vinegar can also work effectively.

Leaving Water on the Floor

Never leave water on your bathroom floor. Double-check to make sure there is none after each shower. Otherwise, it could cause damage to your plumbing system, and you might be in need of a professional plumber.

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