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A Few Helpful Methods for Unclogging your Bathroom Sink

A Few Helpful Methods for Unclogging your Bathroom Sink

What exactly can you do to unclog your bathroom sink?

Do you see the warning signs of slowed draining sinks or the pooling of water around it? Are there any unpleasant odors that you encounter as you walk into your bathroom? If you do not know yet, all of these conditions can be leading to a singular and potentially catastrophic plumbing issue, a clogged drain in your sink. So what exactly can you do to unclog your bathroom sink? First thing is first, you might have to call a plumber, but before you go and do that, there are a few things you can try. Read on for a few helpful methods for unclogging your bathroom sink.

Wire Hanger

Do you need something to use that is hanging around your home? Why not use a bent wire hanger? You might be surprised that this an effortless but effective technique for unclogging your bathroom sinks. The smaller hook at the end of the wire hanger is able to be pushed past your drain cover to let you fish out any blockage. Typically, you will get some hair, gunk, and other possibly nasty stuff from your drains. After clearing out as much gunk as you can, pour some hot water down to clear the path.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Mix some equal parts of baking soda and vinegar into a cup. This should create a fizz that has to be poured down into the drain immediately. This fizzing action will act on your blockage made up mostly of grime, gunk, or hair to help you remove it. Allow the mixture to sit in the drain overnight before you flush it down with hot water. You might also pour some baking soda first and follow it up with the same amount of vinegar.

Use a Plunger

Try using a plunger if nothing else works. Remember that there are many different plungers for toilets and sinks, so try to make sure you are utilizing the right tools. Run water over the plunger for a couple of seconds, and then use your plunger to create a seal over the whole sink, plunging it accordingly. Hopefully, this will cause the water to start draining immediately and get rid of that pesky pool of water built up in your sink.

Pipe Cleaning

This involves removing the sink trap that is located underneath it. Place an empty bucker to catch the water in the pipe. Loosen the slip buts at the ends of your pipe to wiggle out the trap. Then turn it upside down over the bucket. Remove any debris caught inside it using an older toothbrush. Do this to remove any gunk, and then rinse the trap before reinstalling.

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