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Essential Plumbing Tools All Homeowners Should Own

Essential Plumbing Tools All Homeowners Should Own

There are some tools, specifically plumbing tools, that every homeowner should have in their toolbox.

While most plumbing issues that you will encounter in your home should be handled by a professional plumber that you trust, there are certainly some smaller tasks that a handy homeowner could tackle on their own. A flooding basement is never something to take on by yourself, but a leaky faucet you could likely handle with the right tools. That’s why there are some tools, specifically plumbing tools, that every homeowner should have in their toolbox. 


If you have no other plumbing tools in your home, you should at least have a plunger. Backed up toilets happen, and when they do you need to have a plunger handy. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to call a plumber when you simply used too much toilet paper. That is definitely a problem you can handle yourself, and the quicker you’re able to act the better. In addition to the standard toilet plunger, consider having another one (a cup plunger) for sinks and tubs.

Wrench Set

A wrench set will prove well worth its price if you take on small plumbing jobs that involve pipes, rather than just clogs and handles. You should have, at minimum, an adjustable wrench that can fit hexagonal pieces, a pipe wrench, and a basin wrench. 


A hacksaw is a handheld saw that is sturdy enough to cut through wood or metal depending on the blade. It is a valuable tool to have in case of an emergency, but the truth is that you probably won’t use it outside of that, unless you take on bigger plumbing DIYs.

Caulk Gun

Occasionally, caulk and seals may get scraped off, cracked, or otherwise accidentally removed. You don’t want water getting down in there – that’s why the caulk was there in the first place. Re-caulking small sections is actually surprisingly easy if you have a caulk gun to get the job done right.

Hand Auger

This is a handy tool (pun intended) to have ready when you find you have a more significant clog than your plunger can handle. This tool uses a long, coiled wire that you push through pipes using the attached hand crank. The wire dislodges the clog and pushes it through.

Duct Tape

The old joke is that duct tape can fix anything, and that is partly true. It is definitely handy to have available for many uses in a home. Plumbing issues are included, though the duct tape won’t actually fix the problem. Duct tape can be used to create a temporary, waterproof seal over a small leak to buy yourself time for the plumber to get there. 

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