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How to Remove Old Bathroom Caulk from Your House

How to Remove Old Bathroom Caulk from Your House

As time passes, the waterproof seal that bathroom caulk provides will start to break down.

Bathroom caulk can be found in almost every single bathroom. It is in the seams and seals, preventing water from ever leaking into the drywall and wood that is behind the sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets. As time passes, the waterproof seal that caulk provides will start to break down. When this happens, it is wise to remove it and swap it out with a new product. You might also find yourself in a particular situation where you have to remove caulk to install a new toilet or bathtub. No matter your reason, it is vital to remove the caulk properly. If you don’t, you could end up damaging your bathroom pieces or flooring. Read on to learn how to properly remove that old bathroom caulk!

Use Caulk Remover

While you can scrape caulk away, it will take you a while. If you do not have the time to chip away at it, consider using some caulk remover. This chemical compound is an easy and simple way to loosen up the caulk, making it simple to remove. Usually, you can find caulk remover at any hardware store near you. Once bought, just add the caulk remover all over the older caulk. Depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, you might have to let the product sit overnight before you proceed further.

Utilize a Putty Knife

After the caulk remover has been set properly, it should be easy to remove the caulk. After using either a putty knife or a caulk-removing tool, scrape away all of the caulk. If the product has set up entirely, the caulk will start to come away in chunks. You might even be able to peel away large strips of it too. Make sure to get all of the caulk out of those seams using a knife.

Clean the Seams

Once the caulk has been removed from your bathroom, there is one more step to complete before applying the new product you have. Saturate an old rag with some rubbing alcohol. Then, use the rag to clean out the seams where the old caulk was completely. This will remove debris and particles that might have been leftover, leaving you with a clean surface to apply the caulk.

Apply New Caulk

Completely clearing out the old caulk is very important. Once the site is free of the old caulk, you are ready to install the new caulk. If you need help with this step, don’t be afraid to call the plumbers from B&D Plumbing to come out for assistance!

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