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What to Do If Your Home Has No Hot Water

What to Do If Your Home Has No Hot Water

Not having any hot water in your home is a huge problem.

First, we want to emphasize that not having any hot water is a huge problem. But we’d also like to emphasize that we are the right team that can help you with your water heater problems. No, you do not have to wait or search around for a more professional team. We have got you covered at B&D Plumbing. We would like to reframe this water heater disaster as more of an opportunity. Water heaters can start to struggle, especially once they reach an older age and start to suffer from corrosion. When your water heater begins to show signs of trouble, this might be an opportunity to get it the required repairs it needs or have it replaced by a system that will treat you and your entire family much better. Read on to learn what to do when your home has no hot water!

What Is Happening with My Hot Water?

When you start to suffer from hot water issues, many different things might be going wrong. Your water heater might be leaking or have a physical issue that is causing it to lose heat and water that you depend on. Check around the water heater tank to see if you notice anything fishy. Keep in mind that this can involve not just the leaks you notice but also the smells, sounds, or other odd things that seem out of place.

That is not the extent of the issues you might be encountering. Water heaters have notorious issues with the efficiency of the older and more corroded they become. Especially with tank water heaters, they begin to lose heat at much higher rates than newer units, which means you are paying more money for gas and energy to keep your water warmed up. Notice we said “warmed up” and not “hot” because your system might start to lose effectiveness as time passes.

Take Notes of What is Wrong

Here is a checklist of different things to keep an eye out for regarding your home’s water heater. You can use it to keep track of what is wrong or to show your professional plumber when they arrive.

  • My water heater is starting to leak.
  • The water heater costs way too much to run.
  • We have hot water for a couple of minutes before it gets too cold.
  • My hot water heater makes some type of noise at night
  • There is a scent coming from the basement, and it might be from the water heater

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